From the recording Feast of Losses

Featuring: Jami Sieber: electric cello, Kim Rosen: spoken poetry, Nancy Rumbel: oboe, Hans Teuber: saxophone, trumpet, peck horn, clarinet, flute, Greg Campbell: percussion

“Thanks” and “The New Song” by W. S. Merwin. Copyright © 2005 by W. S. Merwin (MIGRATION) and 2014 by W. S. Merwin (THE MOON BEFORE MORNING), used by permission of the Wylie Agency LLC.

“Song” by Deena Metzger from Looking for the Faces of God. Copyright © 1989 by Deena Metzger. Used by permission of the author.

“Island” by Langston Hughes as published in The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes (Vintage Classics) © 1994 by the Estate of Langston Hughes. Used by permission of Harold Ober Associates.