Poetry Dives and Concerts

Join Kim Rosen and Jami Sieber in a transformative convergence of poems, prayers, & song that speak to the mystery, the stillness, the joys and sorrows of the inner life. The magic of Jami's cello and song in resonance with the poems is a constantly evolving creative wellspring, a healing stream of inspiration and awakening. 

Each concert and poetry dive is an invitation to rediscover what mystics, poets and shamans have known for centuries: when you join powerful rhythms with the language of the soul, the mind can’t contain the experience and bursts open to an unsayable “Ahhh!” of pure wonder.


Beyond Words: Poetry and Music as a Portal to Awakening

Join Kim Rosen and Jami Sieber in a magical setting at Gassho House in Nicasio, CA where we will hold our circle as we navigate the depths of the soul. Jami’s cello and music with the words of great poems invoke a powerful alchemy designed to melt the heart, open the mind, and release the language of your innermost self. In a circle committed to authenticity, risk-taking and self-inquiry, inhibitions fall and all aspects of being, from the darkest to the brightest, are welcomed.  

At this pivotal moment in history, there is a paradoxical urgency to slowing down, focusing on what matters most, looking into each other’s eyes and speaking the truth. Please join us as we call on the ancient power of poetry and music to awaken and heal ourselves and the world around us.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, August 29, 2024 6:00 PM  - Thursday, September  5, 2024 11:00 AM  
Gassho House
Nicasio, CA 

For Further Information and to Register:   
Please email Kim Rosen or visit website

Nothing scheduled at this time

Performance photo by the amazing Irene Young

Beyond Words was truly consciousness changing–We were deeply held in the beauty, aliveness and love of the circle, using rhythm, music, breath, movement, silence and potent layers of poetry. A deep sense of community grew–we shared our deepest heart with each other, and little that was superficial.”

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