Hidden Sky

Hidden Sky

Jami Sieber

Lush and haunting musical landscapes, blending contemporary electric and indigenous acoustic instrument. She plays electric and acoustic cello with a passion that translates into soul-baring poetry.

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Sieber has found a way to draw on both the horrors of war and the beauty of life in her music…her work has a strength underpinning its meditative qualities, a calm centre that speaks to this artist’s sure footing in her craft.”

— Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight

Hidden Sky is magical musical medicine in the flavour of cello. ”

— Banyen Books, Van. BC

Hidden Sky is an evocative and prayerful invocation of a numinous world where the differences that seem to segregate species, cultures and creeds are returned to unity. Born of her profound meeting with the elephants in Thailand and the musical language that joined them, this ground-breaking CD opens a rare window onto an inner landscape that sings with reverence, joy and beauty. From haunting elegy to rhythmic celebration, this visionary exploration is an interspecies communion that that touches the soul in way that is unique, yet deeply remembered. 

In 2001, Jami Sieber was invited to Thailand to meet and play music with the *Thai Elephant Orchestra. There she met Phong, the young elephant who played a xylophone (renat) and kissed her on the nose with his trunk, and Prathida, the drummer, whose trunk followed the movement of the bow as Jami played. With them and the rest of the Elephant Orchestra, she experienced a mystical collaboration that awakened her to the inherent connection underlying all that appears separate. For in the midst of the sheer joy that permeates life with the elephants, one must live with the constant grief of their captivity and possible extinction. “Hidden Sky” is a devotional portrait that embodies both. 

The gifted musicians and artists who worked on this project are Benjy Wertheimer, don benedictson, Nancy Wilson, Rick Lazar, Rhiannon, Eyvind Kang, Hans Teuber, Rick Heizman, Ya Elah, and of course, the Thai Elephant Orchestra.. The song “Mandlovu Mind,” features the sublime poetry of Deena Metzger. Also, film maker/artist Galen Garwood who originally invited Jami to Thailand for a filmscore job, created a 7-minute film track that is on the CD and can be viewed on the computer. It is a remarkable and deepening addition to the music of “Hidden Sky.” 

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  • The song Maenam is featured on the popular video game Braid
  • “Hidden Sky” nominated for: Best Instrumental Album-Acoustic by Zone Music Reporter, 2009 
  • “Hidden Sky” voted in Top 10 CDS on Echoes Radio, 2004 
  • “Hidden Sky” voted in Top 200 CDS of all time on Echoes Radio, 2009

*At the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC), a former logging camp outside of Lampang, Thailand, a group of elephants were given the opportunity to play instruments built specifically for them, and in 2000, the Thai Elephant Orchestra was formed. The purpose of this orchestra was three-fold: to engage the elephants, to bring attention to the plight of the elephant as well as the intelligence of these magnificent beings, and thirdly, to raise money for their protection and preservation.